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Toulouse Space Team helps you accelerate your development in the NewSpace dynamic.

The emergence of NewSpace and the simultaneous arrival of new players, most of which did not exist just a few years ago, requires the support of profiles with both real operational experience and a thorough knowledge of the issues at stake.

The Toulouse Space Team (TST) was born from this thinking, an association of highly specialized consultants who make their know-how available to all companies wishing to develop in space, with a particular focus on NewSpace.


Our service offer is diversified and wide-ranging, and is aimed at any type of structure, both private and public, interested in the space sector: Strategic consulting

A propos de nous

A recognized experience in the space sector and a wide range of transversal skills to deal with subjects of interest to companies.

Our complementary backgrounds in different segments of the space sector and our extensive experience allow us to support you on a wide range of topics.

We also rely on a network of sectorial experts who allow us to address related subjects (industrialization, CSR, crisis management, HR support, engineering, …)

They trust us