The French NewSpace map (February 2022)

Here is the map of the French Newspace that we offer you. It will be updated regularly.

This map brings together the French NewSpace ecosystem, i.e. what we consider to be the most representative or promising structures.

The entities identified are pure players in the space sector or for which it is the main activity.

It is not so much the opposition with an “old space”, which would be outdated, but rather a new paradigm which, thanks to miniaturization and lower costs, makes it possible to facilitate access to technology, nanosats, cubesats and puts services and space data at the center of the game. This lower cost allows small businesses and startups to participate in the space adventure.

As the development of orbital or terrestrial infrastructures is no longer an obstacle, we are moving from a product industry model to a service industry.

We have chosen to present this simplified version in 4 large blocks:

Infrastructure: includes satellite manufacturers and integrators, satellite subsystem and equipment manufacturers, ground equipment manufacturers (for operations segment and user segment). It includes the large incumbent space companies (Airbus and Thales) which are also entering this sector as well as established SMEs which are diversifying.

Launch/Operations: Includes all companies providing services in Earth orbit and beyond.

Applications and uses: Includes system operators in 3 main families (observation, telecoms and data collection) as well as value-added service providers using data provided by operators.

Enablers: includes structures that contribute to the development of the space sector.

It can be noted that the vast majority of entities developing the technology (satellite and ground segment) are logically based in Toulouse. They benefit from the historical expertise of “legacy space” and an excellent network of schools and universities, strengthening Toulouse’s position as the capital of French and probably European NewSpace.

Please note: this 1st version will be regularly updated according to company news and developments.

Download the map